Boston Chapter Board of Director Candidates

Simon Cooper    
Simon Cooper   Simon Cooper has been a member of the BMW CCA since 1999, but has been a fan of BMWs since 1981 when his Dad bought an E12 520i while serving in the Royal Air Force in Germany. Simon has been active in the club’s driving events and has progressed from student to instructor in both High Performance Driving as well as our Advanced Driving Safety Skills programs. Simon has served as the chair of the the Driving Committee and has also served as an appointed and elected member of the Boston Chapter Board for eight years, most recently as president since 2012. Simon believes that the Chapter exists for the benefit and enjoyment of all our members, a group with diverse backgrounds and interests. He supports the continuation and growth of the driver education programs and social events, but would like to increase the diversity of programs and the number of participants. He is looking forward to serving again, and is honored to give back to the club that has given him great fun and many new friends.
Vice President    
Larry Barbieri    
Larry Barbieri   Larry has been a member of the BMW CCA and the Boston Chapter since 2002.  During that time he has held numerous positions within the chapter, Membership Chair, Advertising Director.  As part of his participation in the chapter’s High Performance driving program he has been a member of the registrar committee and a driving instructor for both High Performance driving schools and Advanced Skills Schools, which includes Street Survival.As Vice President he plans to increase chapter social events and forge new relationships with our neighboring chapters, White Mountain and Pine Tree for example.  He is also interested in bringing more people in to help develop, coordinate and execute the chapter’s many social and tech events during the year.
John Sullivan    
John Sullivan   John Sullivan has been active in the Boston Chapter since 1989 and is the current Vice President of Activities. He served as Chapter President from 1991-1995, Vice President from 1989-1990 and again from 1996- 2019. For 10 years, he served as the North Atlantic Region Vice President of BMW CCA from 2006-2016, while continuing to plan and execute Boston Chapter activities. As Vice President of Activities, John has coordinated Social and Technical events, including Fun Rallies, Undercarriage Tech sessions, the Boston Chapter Concours at Larz Anderson Auto Museum, Paintless Dent Removal Tech sessions, the RI Show & Shine car show, and many programs hosted by BMW dealers and Independent shops. He also organizes the Chapter General Meetings, for which he consistently recruits nationally recognized speakers. John always brings enthusiasm to the work that he does for the Chapter and is looking forward to another great year and serving the Chapter members as Vice President of Activities.
Rachel Baker    
  Rachel Baker has been a member of the BMW CCA since 2008 when she bought her 135i which is still going strong at 194K miles. Rachel has been an invaluable member of the Autocross team and has held multiple positions on the Board In her role as registrar she is often the first contact with members participating in Autocross, answering their pre-event questions, greeting them at the event gate, offering a warm welcome, advice and information about other Chapter events. She is actively involved in many Chapter activities, and as Secretary she will continue to help others find, share and develop their interests within the club and advocate for the Autocross community while keeping the Boston Chapter heading in a direction based on member feedback. The Autocross Team says Rachel is a dynamic force who brings people together and will leverage her energy and promote Autocross within the board and the general membership.
Jack Woods   Jack Woods has been a Board Member and Treasurer since 2008 and has been a CCA member since 2003. Jack enjoys the camaraderie and friendships that he has made at track and social events and has recruited family and friends to join in the fun. He says he is most impressed with how knowledgeable members are and how willing they are to share their expertise, on and off the track. As the owner of Central Business Solutions, a Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax and Payroll practice in Peabody, MA, Jack is well qualified to serve as treasurer and sees it as his chance give back to the Chapter. With your support, he looks forward to working with the board to help improve the financial management and the general operations, activities and social aspects of the club.
Membership Chair    
Matthew Bagedonow    
  Matt Bagedonow has been serving as the Membership Chair for the past year. In that time, he has been working to increase the membership of our chapter and to respond to our members’ questions and concerns about their membership.  He organized a member drive to recruit new members with prizes for the top recruiters.  In addition, he has been working with dealers to raise our profile in the showrooms and with the sales staff to encourage BMW buyers to join the club. The strength of our chapter is the strength of our membership.  Matt wants to continue as the Membership chair to serve all our members and increase that strength so we can continue to provide a great experience for all of us.
Nigel Fenwick    
  Nigel Fenwick has been a CCA member since 2013. He got first BMW in the UK when he was 29 and has loved driving bimmers ever since. An avid Autocrosser, Nigel won C class in his BMW M2 in 2019. He volunteered to organize a fun rally in 2017 and enjoys supporting a number of auto clubs in the Northeast. Nigel manages the club’s Facebook group and has served in the Board as a director since mid-2019, appointed by the Board to fill a vacant seat.

“My aim as a Director is to help move the club to be more inclusive of all owners of BMWs, including SAVs. I’d like to see us doing more social driving events on the calendar such as scavenger fun rallies across the region.”

Michael Mangini    
  Michael Mangini became one of the original BMW CCA members when he purchased his first BMW, in 1974. Early in his membership, he served as a co-rallymaster and ran several rallies for the Chapter. He has served as the co-chair of the Boston Chapter Concurs d’Elegance and has been instrumental in the event’s growth in popularity by actively promoting the event online on BMW enthusiasts forums. As a member of the activities committee, he has worked to coordinate and promote the Chapter’s other events, and currently serves as the activities editor of the Chapter’s Facebook page. Michael has owned many great BMWs over the years including his Verona Red 1974 2002tii purchased new, but his current favorite is his 2011 M3 which he learned to more fully appreciate and drive after attending the BMW M Performance Driving School. With your support, Michael will continue his work for the Chapter with emphasis on expanding social and tech events. Michael has been principally managing the Chapter Facebook page. 


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