Procedures and Minimum Standards

Section III – Procedures and Minimum Standards


1. Chapter Minimum Standards

1.1 Newsletter

Each Chapter shall be required to issue at least one newsletter per each 90 days to each member of that Chapter and to the National Office, each member of the National Board, and to all other BMW CCA Chapters reciprocating in kind. By definition a newsletter must contain the following minimum items:

A. The date or period the newsletter covers.

B. A listing of all Chapter Officers and at least two telephone numbers, with area code, of any Chapter Officers.

C. One (1) automotive related article.

D. Notification of at least one (1) event or business meeting per each 90 days, see 1.2 below.

E. Must list the Post Office address of the Chapter.

F. A disclaimer of the materials published in the newsletter.

New Chapters are required to send a mailing to its membership and the National Office in the first 45 days after being granted a charter. Two more mailings are due in the next 90 days.

1.2 Meetings

Each Chapter shall be required to hold at least one event or business meeting per each 90 days, notice of which will be given via the newsletter.

1.3 Reports

Each Chapter shall be required to submit by use of form the following reports to the National Office upon request and/or when required in a timely and accurate manner:

A. A list of Chapter Officers names, addresses and phone numbers to their Regional Vice-President and the National Office within 30 days after Chapter Elections are held.

B. Annual report of Chapter activities to their Regional Vice-President. Format to be furnished.

C. Annual Financial Report of the Chapter to their Regional Vice-President. Format to be furnished.

1.4 Financial Affairs

Checks issued by the National Office to the Chapters must be cashed by the Chapter within 60 days of issue.

Each chapter shall be required to provide a financial statement to all its members at least once a year. (This could be by inclusion in the chapter newsletter or by a separate mailing).

1.5 Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with above Minimum Standards may result in the revocation of the delinquent Chapter’s Charter. As soon as a Chapter is in non-compliance in any one of the above items, the Minimum Standards Compliance Policy is followed. See Minimum Standards Compliance Policy, Section III, 2 and Flow Chart Section III, exhibit 1. Chapter membership dues in process will be held by the your Regional Vice President until the non-compliance is corrected.

1.6 Probation & Revocation

If a Chapter, after coming off of Probation by correcting the non-compliance in the allotted time frames, subsequently fails to meet the Minimum Standards within 18 months of their last probation, a letter will be sent to the Chapter Officers and the Chapter Membership advising them of the situation. The Chapter will have 30 days from the date of that letter to correct the non-compliance. If at the end of 30 days the non-compliance is not corrected, the applicable Regional Vice President follows Article 10, Section 3 of the BMW CCA Bylaws (see Section V).

If a Chapter’s Charter is revoked, that Chapter’s name and address will be removed from the Roundel. All correspondence from the National Office to that Chapter will cease and the other Chapters will be notified.

In order to be reinstated, a Chapter must petition for Charter as though it never existed before.

2. Chapter Minimum Standards Non-Compliance Policy

(See Flow Chart, Section III, Exhibit 1) [flow chart will be coming soon – Webmaster]

Process for compliance starts with either the National Office or a National Board Member seeing that a chapter is not in compliance with the minimum standards.

2.1 Non-Compliance

Once an apparent non-compliance is identified the Executive Director writes a letter to the chapter president identifying the problem and requesting an explanation or correction. The Executive Director calls the applicable Regional Vice President the day the letter is sent. If the problem is subsequently corrected the matter is closed. The Executive Director and applicable Regional Vice President will attempt to contact the chapter president by phone and offer assistance.

Probation will occur if the non-compliance is verified and remains 14 days after the National Office reviews the chapter’s history. If the chapter has been on probation within the last 18 months special handling is required, see 2.2. Otherwise the Executive Director writes a 30-day probation letter and sends it to the chapter post office box and each chapter officer. The Executive Director calls the applicable Regional Vice President the day the letter is sent. The Executive Director and applicable Regional Vice President will attempt to contact at least one member of the chapter board by phone and offer assistance.

Suspension will occur if the non-compliance remains after 30 days the National Office writes a 60-day suspension letter and sends it to the entire chapter membership. The Executive Director calls the applicable Regional Vice President the day the letter is sent. The applicable Regional Vice President will attempt to contact some members of the chapter and president by phone and offer assistance.

Revocation of the charter will occur if the non-compliance is not corrected within 60 days. The applicable Regional Vice President follows Article 10, Section 3 of the BMW CCA Bylaws (see Section V), to revoke the chapter’s charter.

3. Chapter Reallocation Process

While managing a region a Regional Vice President may encounter members of a chapter interested in forming a new chapter in an area currently chartered to an existing chapter, the Regional Vice President shall make every effort in communication to encourage a resolution of any issues at the chapter level. The existing chapter will be encouraged to face the situation directly with the objective of improving its service to its members. ONLY if a solution cannot be achieved at the chapter level with Regional Vice President involvement would the following process apply. A proposed chapter must contain at least 100 current BMW CCA members to be considered.

The proposed chapter should contact their Regional Vice President to request reallocation of zip codes and full chapter status. Initial contacts should be by telephone, but the formal request must be in writing, Section 2, 15.

The Regional Vice President should then arrange and chair a meeting between the existing chapter’s Board of Directors and the proposed chapter to discuss the issues and attempt to develop one of the following:

A. An agreement to revise the current chapter’s operations to better serve members.

B. An agreement to reallocate the territory and assets between the existing chapter and the proposed chapter.

If an agreement is not reached a referendum will be prepared and an election will be conducted by the National Office. Both the existing chapter management and the proposed chapter may submit a 250-word position paper that will be included with each ballot. The Regional Vice President and a representative from the existing and the proposed chapter will review the position papers for accuracy and potential liability, with final approval resting with the Regional Vice President. Ballots with approved position papers will be mailed (postage paid return envelopes provided) to all paid members in the existing and the proposed chapter areas.

The National Office will count all ballots received before a specified cut-off date and will report the results to the Regional Vice President who will then notify all parties. A two-thirds majority of the votes received is required to form a new chapter.

If the proposed chapter is formed by referendum, treasury funds maintained by the existing chapter will be allocated to the newly formed chapter based upon member’s equity. An audited financial statement of the existing chapter, performed by a designee of the BMW CCA Treasurer will be the basis for this allocation. Regional Vice President discretionary funds may be used to make the division of physical assets as equitable as possible.

In cases where agreement is reached, the proposed chapter must submit to the Regional Vice President a proposed chapter name, zip code listing of the proposed territory, a slate of pro-tem officers (including addresses and phone numbers), a set of By-Laws, and a petition signed by at least 15 members living in the affected area. Financial support will be available through the Regional Vice President if needed.

The Regional Vice President will then submit the petition for the proposed chapter to the National Board for approval as a new chapter.

4. Revoking A Membership

Any member or associate member of BMW CCA may have his or her BMW CCA membership revoked by 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors for cause.

4.1 Request

A request for revocation of membership can be brought to the Board by a club member, a chapter, the Regional Vice President or anyone on the Board.

4.2 Due Process

The member in question will be contacted via certified letter and notified of the statement of cause for revoking his or her membership. The next BMW CCA board meeting time and location will be included in this letter. The member may then respond by letter or in person to the statement of cause before the Board.

4.3 Action

The Board after due deliberation may deny the request, revoke the membership as requested, put the member in question on probation, with specific terms and conditions thereof, or fashion any other response, which in the Board’s judgement, is reasonable under the circumstances.

The Board shall issue a written report setting forth the action that it has approved. The original of the report shall be made part of the minutes of the meeting; and copies shall be forwarded to all interested parties.

If membership is revoked, a prorated refund of the national dues will be returned.

5. National Board Meetings And Minutes

5.1 Board Meeting General Rules

Regularly scheduled meetings shall begin at 8:00 am.

The Board Room is designated a non-smoking room.

Tape recording of the board meeting by members of the board or guests is not permitted. The Secretary or designee may, however, record notes or motions to help in producing accurate minutes.

Members of BMW CCA are invited and may attend the board meeting as guests.

Non-members may attend the board meeting as guests at the sole discretion of the board.

Guests may participate in the discussions to the extent that they do not disrupt the meeting and do not adversely affect the meeting schedule.

All guests shall be required to leave during the discussion of sensitive topics. Sensitive topics shall include the salary discussions of the employees and outside contractors, disciplinary matters, legal matters, and other topics determined by the board.

Disruptive behavior by anyone in the board meeting room shall be cause for exclusion from the meeting.

5.2 Advising Membership Of The Meeting

The date, time and location of board meetings and the annual meeting shall be published in the Roundel Calendar of Events as far in advance as known.

Regional Vice Presidents shall notify their chapters, in writing, of the date, time and location of the next board meeting at least two weeks in advance.

The President shall notify the membership of the date, time and location on the next board meeting in the Roundel column.

5.3 Agenda

The agenda will be structured as follows

– Call meeting to order
– Approve minutes of last meeting
– Discretionary funds report
– Reports from Officers, Exec Director, Roundel Chief, Regional VP’s
– Discussion topics
– Set future board meetings
– Adjourn

At the Annual Meeting Board Meeting, the following topics are added to the board meeting agenda:

– Reaffirm the service officers
– Resolution to change bank records to reflect the current officers

5.4 Minutes

Detailed votes on non-sensitive motions at Board meetings are available to any BMW CCA member who asks for them.

Minutes of National Board meetings will be sent to any chapter that requests them, provided the request is in writing and is made separately each time. The minutes will be sent to any individual BMW CCA member who includes a self- addressed stamped envelope with his request.

Any BMW CCA member who is an officer of the International Council of BMW Clubs, Speed Events Coordinator and the National Oktoberfest Coordinator shall receive the minutes of all Board meetings.

6. Drivers School Standards

Drivers School Standards

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