Ops Manual Section 1

BMW CCA Operations Manual Section I – National Level


1. National Officers Duties And Responsibilities

Non compliance with the following duties and responsibilities is grounds for removal from the Board of Directors.

1.1 All Board Members

Act in all matters pertaining to the Club, including by written and verbal means, to bring credit upon same.

Attend all Board Meetings required unless sickness, job, or serious personal matters prevail.

Make proper and timely reports to the Board and/or Executive Director as required.

Reply promptly to specific requests for input on matters of Club policy, procedures, and questions that must be resolved when received from other Board members, copying all where applicable.

Mail their pre Board Meeting reports to all other Board Members at least two weeks prior to a Board Meeting. Any Board travel shall be reported in this report.

Contact the Executive Director by telephone at least once every two weeks.

Each Board member has $500 of discretionary funds per quarter, if budgeted, to spend for the betterment of the BMW CCA and its chapters. The primary purpose of these funds is to aid chapters. Each board member is responsible at the subsequent Board meeting to identify any amount spent.

Any National Officer, preferably the appropriate Regional Vice-President, and/or the Executive Director, if available, is authorized to attend any regional BMW CCA event.

Any National Officer may attend a Regional or Chapter congress.

1.2 President

Is the chief executive officer of the Club and the Board of Directors and has supervisory authority over all aspects of the Club.

Responsible to the Board of Directors and ultimately the membership for all decisions recommended and carried out in the name of the Club.

Provides active leadership for the Board of Directors, the Chapters, and the members.

Oversees the function of the Executive Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Regional Vice-Presidents, and the Executive Director.

Establishes ad hoc committees, new National Service positions and calls Board of Directors meetings as required.

Serves as the main communicator with BMW NA, BMW AG, and the International Council of BMW Clubs.

May vote on all motions before the Board – not just to make or break ties.

Will send the agenda out to the Board members two weeks before the meeting. Any additions to the pre-meeting agenda will be made and set before the meeting. Additional items will be dealt with if time allows unless it is urgent.

Furnish copy for the monthly column to the Roundel Editor on a timely basis in accordance with a set schedule of publication closing dates.

Copy to each Board member all correspondence specifically applicable to that Board member, or to the Board as a whole.

1.3 Executive Vice President

Shall assume and perform the duties of the President in case of the absence, death, inability, or refusal of the President. In so acting, the Executive Vice-President shall have all the powers and restrictions of the President. The Executive Vice-President shall further perform, implement, or otherwise attend to any such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the President and the Board of Directors.

In the absence of or in addition to specific assignments shall seek to assist the President and the Board of Directors in developing and implementing projects and policies.

Responsible for overseeing organizational functions (e.g. Oktoberfest).

Responsible for and corresponds with the National Service Advisors and other service officers on a timely basis.

Corresponds with the Oktoberfest Committee and the Oktoberfest Coordinator on a timely basis and copy the Board on all items specifically applicable. The host Regional Vice-President will be copied on all correspondence.

1.4 Secretary

Responsible for taking accurate minutes for meetings of the Board of Directors and for Annual Meetings. Minutes of these meetings are to be maintained by the Secretary.

Responsible from mailing board meeting minutes to each Board member within ten days of the meeting.

Shall have a copy of the Bylaws and Robert Rules of Order available at all Board of Directors Meetings.

Shall maintain the BMW CCA Operations Manual. Suggestions for changes should be addressed to the Secretary.

Shall keep the Roundel Editor-in-Chief advised in writing of changes to the VIP page and the mailing insert containing affiliated clubs and special interest groups.

Will receive a copy the Roundel calendar of events for verification of National events prior to publication.

1.5 Treasurer

Shall monitor the financial matters of the Club and advise the Board of Directors on financial issues.

Responsible for the preparation and furnishing copies of Club financial reports to the Board and the Roundel publisher within 45 days after the close of each fiscal quarter.

Shall prepare in conjunction with the Budget Committee an Annual Budget for the next calendar year for presentation to the Board of Directors at the last meeting of the current year.

BMW CCA funds required for day to day operation shall be kept in checking and/or savings accounts in a federally insured institution. The institution shall be mutually agreed on by the Treasurer and the Executive Director and with the concurrence of the President.

BMW CCA funds over and above those needed for day to day operations shall be invested in federally insured certificates of deposit in a federally licensed institution or United States Treasury Bills or Notes.

Prior to moving any funds, outside of the normal day to day financial activities, the Treasurer shall consult with and receive concurrence from the Executive Director.

Reconcile the Club bank account, monitor budget projections versus actual performance quarterly and present a report of calendar year results at the Annual Meeting.

Shall maintain communications with the Executive Director regarding Club cash needs expenditures, and financial activity.

Is responsive to questions from the membership regarding financial matters, overseas insurance, and legal affairs and office management.

Is responsible for advising the Board on all financial aspects of any “special projects” (for example – Tech Tips, merchandise purchases, etc.).

1.6 Regional Vice-Presidents

Duties are clearly specified in the bylaws. “Shall include the representation of the interest to the Board of the Region, Chapters, and individuals therein; to assist existing chapters; aid in developing new Chapters; the arranging and coordinating of events or activities and furtherance of the purpose of the Club, and such other duties as the Board may deem necessary.”

Represent the Chapters and their Members to the National Board in matters of interest and concern to them. Specifically they:

Keep the Chapter Presidents informed of actions taken by the National Board as it pertains to them. Communication should be in writing at least or by telephone at least once a quarter.

Mail a Regional Pipeline to their Chapters and to the Board at least four times a year, within three weeks after each Board meeting. Each Pipeline should include information regarding Board decisions that affect the Chapters or their members, major Regional events, new Chapters, dead Chapters, Chapter address changes and the date of the next Board meeting.

Assist in the coordination and planning of Chapter Conferences and work with the host Chapter on logistical arrangements.

Ensure the timely and proper submission of Chapter Reports, Financial Statements, and other such information as required by the Executive Director or other National Officer.

Receive applications from new Chapters and ensure completeness prior to submission to National for charter, and assist in any manner possible, the development of new Chapters.

Approve changes to boundaries of existing Chapters and notify the National Office of such changes.

Make every effort to promote Chapter growth and lend any assistance possible to those Chapters that may be floundering.

Promote regional events such as corrals and multi-Chapter events (not to conflict with National events e.g. Oktoberfest).

Monitor Chapter Newsletters and Flyers for content, items of interest or concern to other Chapters.

Monitor chapters for adherence to Minimum Standards of Chapter Performance. See Minimum Standards, Section III, 1.

Advise the Board in writing on a timely basis of new Chapter prospects, problem Chapters and major Regional events.

1.7 Activity Limitations Of Board Members

Raffle – Members of the Board, their immediate families and/or household may not participate in the Annual Raffle.

National Sponsored Membership Contest – Members of the Board, their immediate families and/or households may not participate in any National Sponsored membership contest in which a prize or award will be provided.

Members of the Board may not assume paid positions in the BMW CCA for two years after leaving the Board.

2. Executive Director

Responsible for all aspects of the Club administration and management including supervision of the National Office staff to ensure the timely and efficient processing of new member applications, renewals, election ballots, address changes and all other correspondence.

Is selected by, and reports to the Board of Directors, and is a full-time paid employee of the Club. The Executive Director serves as the principal spokesperson regarding day-to-day Club business.

Is responsible to the Board of Directors on matters of Club policy. The following specific reporting relationships will prevail:

a) Administration, policy and all other areas not specified below: President, or in his absence, Executive Vice President

b) Financial and accounting matters: Treasurer

c) Chapter problems: Applicable Regional Vice President

Additionally, he serves as liaison between the Board of Directors and the Roundel Managing Editor and other staff, and assists in the preparation of the annual Roundel budget and monitors performance.

Notifies new members of receipt of their applications in a timely fashion.

Handles Club merchandising without Board approval including an advertising plan for merchandise.

Reviews travel and entertainment reimbursements of all Board members, staff members, outside contractor and the Executive Director.

Shall be reimbursed for successful completion of college courses in which he achieves a grade of B or better. The BMW CCA President will speak for the Board in approving courses.

2.1 Duties Of Administration

Routes Roundel material to the Editor or other Roundel staff as appropriate.

Keeps official chapter newsletter log for Minimum Standard requirements.

Monitors Chapters for compliance of the Chapter Minimum Standards and follows the flow chart, Section III, Exhibit 1, if necessary.

Keeps daily membership statistics which are used in a monthly report that is distributed to all National and Chapter officers.

Provides the chapters with monthly reports of membership as well as labels if requested.

Prepares and files the annual Massachusetts corporate report following the Annual Meeting.

Administers BMW NA Newsletters Contest, if held.

Prepares the ballot for election of officers and supervises the tallying of votes.

Responsible for Club Raffle.

Responsible for the off site Oktoberfest registration if requested.

Sends monthly National Pipeline to the National Officers and Chapters.

Responsible for Club promotion and advertising.

Serves as Roundel Publisher and arranges for the timely publication and mailing of the Roundel in addition to negotiating contracts on behalf of the Club with the Roundel printer and other contractors involved with the publication.

Monitors contract performance and contract costs.

2.2 Financial Duties

Responsible for the daily deposits of all checks and other cash receipts in addition to handling all aspects of cash disbursements including the payment of bills, payroll, Chapter refunds, taxes, etc. When appropriate, bills will be approved by a cognizant person, e.g. – Roundel production bills are approved by Roundel editor.

Maintains Club’s financial records and, in conjunction with the Treasurer.

Prepares, submits, and pays regular State and Federal tax returns for income, payroll, and sales tax.

3. Roundel

3.1 Roundel Editor-In-Chief

Shall have a written contract for his services. This contract shall have the option of termination for both parties.

May attend any Chapter Congress or Newsletter Editors Workshop in order to answer any questions about the Roundel or to offer advice to the Chapter Newsletter Editors.

Shall advise advertisers of any possible misuse of the BMW corporate logo, but will take no further action.

Reports to the Executive Director.

Will attempt to print all letters from members subject to space and suitability for publication. Editing and shortening of a letter is permitted to save space so long as the meaning is not materially altered. However, no letter will be printed criticizing a local dealer or an incident at a local dealer or letter containing a personal attack against any one.

3.2 Roundel Magazine

Ad space will be no more than 45% of the magazine pages.

Non-commercial free classified ads in the Roundel shall be limited to one 50 word or two 30 word ads each month to members. Additional words 25 cents each, additional ads 25 cents per word. Items must be BMW cars, motorcycles or parts.

The Roundel will print the disclaimer that it is not responsible for content, errors or omissions in any advertisement, commercial or classified ads.

Reserves the right to edit or reject any ad.

3.3 Roundel Writers

Anyone who contributes to the Roundel shall need to sign a release granting BMW CCA the right to reprint the article and/or record the article on electronically readable media for archiving and commercial purposes.

3.3 Roundel Event Advertising

3.3.1 Oktoberfest Advertising

Oktoberfest Event Advertising: BMW CCA provides at no charge to the host chapter(s) promotional space in the ROUNDEL allocated in the following manner:

1/4 page per month beginning with the first issue dated after the preceding Oktoberfest and continuing through the issue dated seven months preceding the event.

2 pages per month for each of the six monthly issues preceding the month of the event. A detailed schedule of the promotional program must be approved by the Board prior to the publication of any full page promotion.

1/4 page in the issue published the month of the event.

Example: Events in July and August of successive years

1/4 page per month August through January

2 pages per month February through July

1/4 page in August

Copy deadline is 45 days prior to the month of publication. It is also preferable to provide the Roundel with camera ready artwork. Any camera work for ads will be charged back to the organizing committee. All material should be submitted in negative form to assure the desired results. The registration form may appear in the Roundel starting 5 months prior to the event. The registration form does not count against the promotional allotment. The cost of printing the registration form will be charged to the organizing committee at the current Roundel costs. The National Office will provide a cost quote to the organizing committee upon request.

3.3.2 Gateway Tech Advertising

Gateway Tech advertising policy is as follows:

1 1/2 pages of advertising space per each Gateway event, used anyway the chapter wants, at no charge.

3.3.2 National Event Advertising

If an event is declared a National Event by the board of directors the same policy as Gateway will apply.

4. Elections

4.1 Election Process

The following process was derived from and in accordance with the BMW CCA Bylaws. If there is any conflict between this process and the bylaws, the bylaws shall govern.

4.1.1 Election Schedule

Each year at the Board Meeting held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting, the Board shall schedule the next years Annual Meeting. The election schedule shall then be determined by the following table.


BMW CCA National Elections Schedule

Event Annual Meeting Scheduled in
January February March
Roundel Deadline for including the Election Notice June 15 July 15 August 15
Election Notice in the Roundel August September October
Candidacy Statements Due to the National Office Last business day of August Last business day of September Last business day of October
Candidacy Statements and Ballot in the Roundel November December January


4.1.2 Election Notice In The Roundel

The Election Notice in the Roundel shall be in a prominent place, shall appear in the Roundel specified in the BMW CCA National Elections Schedule, an shall contain, as a minimum, the following words:


Roundel Election Notice for even numbered years

This year four positions are open:

Executive Vice President
South Central Region Vice President
North Atlantic Vice President

To run for one of these offices you must be a BMW CCA Member in good standing and submit a written nomination that includes the following:

The name of the nominee and the office for which they are being nominated.

The name, signature, and membership number of the nominator.

A statement from the nominee accepting the nomination.

The signature and membership number of the nominee.

You may also include a candidacy statement of no more than 300 words and an appropriate passport style photograph of yourself. Potential candidates are strongly encouraged to contact the National Office for a copy of the Election Rules contained in the BMW CCA Operations Manual. The nomination and optional candidacy statement must reach the National Office not later than 5:00pm Eastern time on <include the date specified in the Election Schedule >.

Roundel Election Notice for odd numbered years
This year five positions are open:Secretary


Pacific Region Vice President

North Central Region Vice President

South Atlantic Vice President

To run for one of these offices you must be a BMW CCA Member in good standing and submit a written nomination that includes the following:

The name of the nominee and the office for which they are being nominated.

The name, signature, and membership number of the nominator.

A statement from the nominee accepting the nomination.

The signature and membership number of the nominee.

You may also include a candidacy statement of no more than 300 words and an appropriate passport style photograph of yourself. Potential candidates are strongly encouraged to contact the National Office for a copy of the Election Rules contained in the BMW CCA Operations Manual. The nomination and optional candidacy statement must reach the National Office not later than 5:00pm Eastern time on <include the date specified in the Election Schedule >.


4.1.3 Nominations And Candidacy Statements

Nominations must be received in the National Office not later than the close of business on the last day of the month specified in the BMW CCA National Elections Schedule. Nominations received after the deadline will be disqualified. The nomination must include the following:

A statement of nomination providing, as a minimum, the name of the person being nominated and the office for which they are being nominated.

The name, signature, and membership of the nominator.

A statement from the nominee accepting the nomination.

The signature and membership number of the nominee.

Each nominee may submit a Candidacy Statement of up to 300 words in length. The Candidate may also provide a passport style photograph of the candidate. Candidacy Statements should be submitted with the nomination but may be submitted separately, however, the Candidacy Statement deadline is the same as for the nomination. Candidacy Statements received after the deadline will not be printed in the Roundel. The Candidacy Statements and Candidate Photographs, if provided by the Candidate by the published deadline, will be published in the Roundel issue specified in the BMW CCA National Elections Schedule. Candidacy Statements will be printed as received except for correction of obvious spelling errors. The Candidacy Statements shall be printed on a white background in the same type point size as is used for Roundel feature articles. The Candidacy Statements shall appear in the first one-quarter of the Roundel.

4.1.4 Review of Nominations by the Executive Director

When a nomination is received at the National Office the Executive Director shall review it immediately for compliance with these requirements. If the nomination does not comply it shall be disqualified. The Executive Director shall make a reasonable effort to contact the member by telephone, fax, or e-mail to inform the member of the reason for disqualification and follow up with a letter. The member has up until the close of business on the last day of the month specified in the BMW CCA National Elections Schedule to correct and resubmit a valid nomination.

4.1.5 Ballots

If peel off labels are used to identify the member voting, then the election instructions in the Roundel must clearly identify that the member must save the label and affix it to the ballot.

The closing date of the election will be printed on each ballot. All ballots must be received by that date to be counted except in the event of a tie as specified in the Bylaws.

The ballot will include a statement that the region the member votes in for election of Regional Vice Presidents is determined by the member’s US Postal Service address of record at the National Office and not by chapter affiliation.

4.1.6 Review Of Roundel Election Issue

The Roundel containing the Candidacy Statements and ballots must be reviewed for compliance to these requirements by the Executive Director prior to the Editor sending it to the printer for printing and distribution.

4.1.7 Election Results

Elections results will not be made available to any member, staff, or outside contractor until four business days after the close of the election.

4.2 Voting

Done in accordance to the Bylaws. Each member will receive a ballot in some form; in the Roundel or by mail.

Each associate member will receive a ballot by mail.

Out of country members will vote for National Officers only, not Regional Vice-Presidents.

5. Not Used

6. Logo

Chapters may use the National logo in their newsletter and on their stationery. Advertisers are not allowed to use the BMW CCA logo.

No one other than BMW CCA and those authorized by BMW CCA are allowed to sell any product incorporating the BMW CCA logo. The BMW CCA logo is restricted to Club regalia. BMW CCA may not enter into any commercial advertising venture.

7. Major Functions Of The National Club

7.1 Meetings With Chapter Representatives

Meetings will be held with Chapter representatives and the National Board for the purpose of exchanging information. The time, type and scope of the meeting will be determined by the Board. These meetings may include but not be limited to Chapter Congresses, Speed Events Conferences, Newsletter Editor Workshops, and Instructor Training Program Conferences

7.2 Oktoberfest

National Event held by a chapter/chapters, see Oktoberfest Manual.

CONFLICTING EVENTS -There shall be no major Chapter or regional events within 500 miles of the Oktoberfest site and within thirty (30) days before or after Oktoberfest without prior approval from the Regional Vice President and BMW CCA President.

7.3 Raffle

Ticket purchaser and holder must be a member (regular or associate) in good standing of BMW CCA. Honorary and complimentary members are not eligible. Any company or corporation buying a ticket must provide the name of the person who will actually be holding it.

Members of the Board of Directors and paid employees and outside contractors of BMW CCA or Roundel, their immediate members of their families and/or households, may not participate in the annual raffle.

The ticket is nontransferable. The winning ticket holder shall pay all state, Federal, and local taxes due on the winnings. BMW CCA shall withhold a percentage of the winnings and file a W2 form as required by the Internal Revenue Regulations. The ticket is sold subject to all Federal, state, and local laws. It is void where prohibited by law. The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased will be set by the board of directors. All applicable raffle rules apply.

The BMW CCA annual raffle will consist of one drawing with X winners rather than X separate drawings.

7.4 Mailings

BMW CCA may mail material for advertisers providing the advertiser pays the postage. The mailing list will not be given to advertisers.

BMW CCA may mail out flyers or announcements of other car clubs to BMW CCA members as long as the clubs pay for the printing and postage and BMW CCA approves the content.

BMW CCA may rent its mailing list with the agreement that the list will not be sold to others or used again. There will be names inserted in the list for a method of checking.

7.5 Friends Of BMW

Friends of BMW is sold only to members and free to those listed in it. Friends of BMW contains names and phone numbers of BMW owners and BMW dealers covering most of the 50 states plus Canada, who have offered their help or advice, to BMW CCA members away from home and in an emergency situation. The Executive Director will be responsible for overseeing and administering this service.

7.6 Regional Events

Regional Vice-Presidents shall try to promote at least one Multi-Chapter event in the Region each year. Multi-Chapter events occurring between June 1 and December 31 in the Region which will be the site of Oktoberfest that year will require prior approval of the respective Vice-President and the President of BMW CCA.

7.7 BMW NA Newsletter Contest

If hold, the Executive Director shall make arrangements for its conduct, solicit entries, arrange for judges, and tally the results. Rules and requirements will be sent to Chapters in advance.

7.8 Rebates

The Executive Director will notify Chapters of any rebates to chapters and the process for applying.

7.9 Membership 800 Number

The Club maintains an 800 number for the purpose of applying for a new membership or renewals of membership.

7.10 The Roundel

The Roundel is the official monthly publication of the Club. The Editor is hired by the Board, and with Board approval, engages paid and volunteer assistants as needed. The Roundel staff will be determined by the Editor in consultation with the Board. See Section I, 3.

Telephone numbers of National Officers shall be listed in the Roundel at their discretion. The Roundel staff and National Service Officers may have their phone numbers listed as appropriate.

7.11 Club Racing

A division of BMW CCA. Club Racing is part of the National Structure of BMW CCA and governed by its Bylaws and Operational Manual. Club Racing is managed by the Club Racing Chairman.

National and Regional Club Races are hosted by Chapters and must be coordinated and approved by the Club Racing Chairman. All the Club Racing operational policies and procedures, promulgated by the Club Racing Committee, including Club Racing Rules, Event Guidelines, and Licensing Policy must be adhered to at each Club Race.

8. National Service Officers

Shall be reaffirmed annually at the National Board Meeting held in conjunction with the BMW CCA Annual Meeting.

Shall be appointed, as needed, by the Board to serve the membership.

Shall have the member fees paid for by National during their time of service.

Shall Attend Board Meetings if they have input to the Board that cannot reasonably provided by correspondence.

Information on the National Service Officers can be found on the services page in the Roundel.

8.1 Ombudsman

Is available to helps members find solutions to problems with a BMW dealer, parts supplier, or service operation. The Ombudsman may act as an intermediary between a Club member and vendor or supplier. The latter groups include BMW NA, dealers and aftermarket suppliers of BMW parts.

A member who wishes to use the Ombudsman service should contact the Ombudsman by phone or letter, describing the problem and including copies of all pertinent information. It should be emphasized that compromise is the aim of this office, unless a clear cut situation exists for either party. The Ombudsman will then contact the other party and try to arrange an agreeable solution to the problem.

8.2 Club Librarian

Has available to members all of the owners manuals, workshop manuals, homologation papers and technical information the Club possesses. The Club endeavors to update this information whenever the opportunity arises and responds to all offers by those who would sell their collections of BMW-type printed memorabilia.

8.3 Technical Service Advisors

Problem and Service representatives are appointed to assist members with technical problems. Each is supplied with all information available to the Club to fulfill their duties.

8.4 Oktoberfest Coordinator

Assist host Chapters in the overall planning of Oktoberfest in the area of long range scheduling. This could encompass, but not be limited to, selection of accommodations, sites for Driver’s School, Autocross and Concours, banquet facilities, publicity, financial planning and related matters for which commitments would have to be made well in advance of the actual Oktoberfest events themselves. The Oktoberfest Coordinator can offer host Chapters advice or suggestions in the logical scheduling of the various events, both competitive and others, at Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest Coordinator would also be able to provide background information from previous Oktoberfests concerning such details as attendance, costs, schedules, types of facilities used to prospective and/or designated host Chapters.

Will act as liaison between the host Chapters and the National Board to promote and maintain the necessary communication and cooperation in both directions to assure the event will be carried out successfully.

Is responsible for the preparation, and keeping current of a uniform set of guidelines for the competitive events at all Oktoberfests: Autocross, Rally and Concours d’elegance. These are not intended to be inflexible rules, but minimum requirements that must be met by the event chairpersons to permit equitable competition from one year to the next. They will enable Oktoberfest participants to know in advance of the events what the basis for classification in these events will be and thus to register and compete in those classes in accord with their level of experience and/or preparedness. Such minimum requirements will still allow host Chapters flexibility in adapting the events to any particular local conditions. The guidelines or minimum requirements (See Oktoberfest Manual) are also intended to assist host Chapters in planning and setting up the Autocross, Rally and Concours in cases where the Chapter may not have any experience in conducting such events.

8.5 National Driving Events Committee

The committee shall consist of a chairman, one representative from each region and other members as determined by the Board.

The Committee is responsible for the BMW CCA Driving Events program. BMW CCA supports drivers schools conducted by chapters and by Oktoberfest. The Driving Event Program is intended to promote driver education and safety by providing a framework for members to improve their driving skills in a fun and safe environment. To these ends the Committee shall:

Update, maintain and, enforce the Driving School Standards (Section III Paragraph 6 of the BMW CCA Operations Manual).

Create and conduct Driving School Instructor Training Programs.

Assist chapters is creating or improving their driving school program.

The Driving Events Committee Chairman shall provide the National before each Board meeting a status of the Driving Event Committee projects.

8.6 Insurance Advisor

Shall advise BMW CCA Board regarding the Club’s insurance program, including interpreting policy provisions, giving opinions as to whether coverage exists in specific situations, and advising as to best procedures to be followed in handling claims, endorsements, etc. The Insurance Advisor will review proposals for new Club insurance programs and give opinions as to their acceptability.

8.7 Ambassador-At-Large

If appointed, the Ambassador-At-Large will be responsible for correspondence between various BMW marque clubs around the world. The Ambassador will report to the Board on International events hosted by other BMW Clubs in which members of BMW CCA will be invited to participate. The Ambassador will also report to the Board on any meetings/conferences that he/she attends.

8.8 Value Information Coordinator

Is available to works with members to establish proof of true market value on specific BMW for insurance or resale value. The information will be kept current by the members sending in their recent BMW evaluation or sale price.

8.9 National Membership Coordinator

Is available to chapters for ideas for membership recruiting.

8.10 Club Racing Chairman

The Club Racing Chairman is responsible for organizing and conducting the BMW CCA Club Racing Series. The BMW CCA Club Racing Series is intended to be fun, safe and competitive. Good sportsmanship, honesty, and a sense of fair play shall be the cornerstones of the Club Racing program.

The Club Racing Chairman is responsible for the following:

Creation, modification, and enforcement of fair and consistent requirements or guidelines for the organizing and execution of Club Races.

Enforcing the Club Racing requirements or guidelines in a fair and consistent manner.

Creation, modification, and enforcement of fair and consistent rules and requirements for Club Race Participants and their race cars, including but not limited to, program rules and licensing requirements, technical inspections, safety requirements, and car modifications.

Creating and managing the Club Racing Organization. The structure of the organization shall be determined by the Chairman with the concurrence of the National Board.

Appointing members in good standing to serve in the Club Racing Organization. Informing the National Board who the appointed members are and their levels of authority. The National Board may, for good cause, veto an appointment.

Creation of a Club Racing Advisory Board to provide feedback from Club Racers to the Club Racing Management. The Club Racing Advisory Board shall be composed of at least one licensed Club Racer from each BMW CCA Region elected by process defined by Club Racing and approved by the National Board.

Creation, modification, and enforcement of adequate financial controls for Club Racing with the concurrence of the National Board.

Preparing an annual budget of income and expenses, to be included as a single line item in the National Budget. The Budget must be completed and submitted to the Treasurer and Executive Director by September 30 of the preceding year.

Providing to the National Board before each Board Meeting a status report of the Club Racing Organization and its operations. The status report shall include the financial status of Club Racing, the number of events to year to date, the number of entries per event and any significant trend, the number of active licenses and any significant trends, the number of probation’s and suspensions, status on the Club Racing Rules publication, and any feedback from the Club Racing Advisory Committee.

Providing the Roundel with a schedule of Club Races.

Assisting host Chapters in planning and conducting Club Races. Every effort will be made to coordinate Club Races to minimize scheduling conflicts.

Reporting to the National Office all incidents at Club Races. An incident is defined as any physical damage to a participant’s car due to contact with another car or contact with barriers around the race track.

9. Communication With BMW Of North America, Inc.

Any communications with BMW of North America by Chapter officers or members must be made solely as an owner, and Club stationery (National or Chapter) and/or reference to the Club, must not be used.

10. BMW CCA Organization

The BMW CCA Organization and reporting structure is defined in the following BMW CCA Organizational Chart.