Message from the Board

As you may have noticed we have recently launched our new Boston Chapter BMW CCA web site. Now that this first step in our redesign is complete, it will enable better access from mobile devices as well as better interaction within our Facebook page.

My Boston

There are still some features that are a work in progress on the new site, such as the My Boston and classifieds sections. These will become much more dynamic in the near future, enabling better presentation and detail. When ready, we will be reaching out to you again to create/edit your ‘My Boston’ profile and make sure we have your email preferences set up correctly.

Boston Bimmer

This new site is now the engine for our Bimmer magazine as we move toward a full electronic delivery via email. This, again, makes identifying an electronic profile very important so that we can keep you up to date on upcoming events. Of course, with the addition of our new editor, as well as new systems in development for delivering the Bimmer, we appreciate your patience as he (and our webmaster) becomes familiar with the new technology.

Ultimate Calendar

You will notice that the calendar format is different and currently has only a few events listed, with the first one on April 20th at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Rest assured, the Driving, Tech and Social events teams are hard at work scheduling events for 2019 which will be populated as soon as they are available. We expect to have sixty or more events this year. You can check out the new calendar here.

The new Ultimate Calendar has the ability to view events by month as a default, or you can use the box in the top right corner to view as a list by month week or day. Each of these viewing options also allows you to search events by date or keyword.


When we started this process we had some definitive ideas on what we wanted from a mechanic’s perspective. We wanted to fix a number of inefficiencies and ensure security protocols were in place. With all that being said this is your website, the window to the Boston BMW CCA and it is our hope that it can evolve with input and suggestions from our members. To that end please do let us know if you have any ideas for new elements or improvements that we can add over time.

Thanks again for your patience, and welcome to the new Boston Chapter BMW CCA.

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