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Boston BMW Car Club of America

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Boston Chapter Email Bulletin List

The Boston Chapter Email Bulletin List was created to keep you informed of late breaking news about events.

This is a moderated announcements list, not an open discussion list. The only messages you will see will be about Boston Chapter events. There is very little traffic.

Your privacy is assured: we won't sell or share your email address with anyone.

General Questions

General BMW or car related questions such as "where should I get my car fixed" are best handled by one of the BMW mailing lists (such as BMW UUC Digest).

Questions about the web site should be referred to Webmaster.

Some History

The original mailing list was nothing more than just that - a list of names and email addresses in an Excel spreadsheet. Although it worked fine at first, it was not exactly an elaborate solution.

Enter the modern technology of email list servers. With over 4000 subscribers to the list, it is best to let a list server do the heavy lifting.

In December 2000, we added all the members of the old list to a new one hosted by eGroups. Unfortunately, in January 2001 Yahoo! groups took over eGroups. We decided to move the list to a mail server under our control. Not only does this protect the privacy of our list members, but joining or leaving the list couldn't be easier!

Join or Leave Online

The Boston Chapter Bulletin subscription allows you to choose subjects you are interested in. You will only get information about the events you care about.

If you have a My Boston Chapter username, you can update your subscription by visiting the Bulletin Subscription section of the site.

If you are new to the Boston Chapter, you will need a Boston Chapter Username. Anyone can create a free Boston Chapter username in just seconds. Create new Boston Chapter username and join the list.

Event Status Information

For the latest event status, check the The Ultimate Calendar .