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Boston BMW Car Club of America

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[This online version of the 1999 BMW CCA Operations Manual is courtesy of the National Office, and it is intended for reference for BMW CCA members only. -Webmaster]

Purpose Of The Club

"Without profit, to promote interest in motoring, touring activities, and to encourage safe skillful driving classes, publications, and activities related to motor touring..." (from the Bylaws of the Club).

Organization Of The Club

The National Club is incorporated as a nonprofit organization under Chapter 180 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This Manual

What follows is a collection of Information, Guidelines and Rules for BMW CCA, both at the National and Chapter level. The BMW CCA Bylaws are in Section V. These bylaws are included for reference only and that if there is a conflict between the bylaws printed here and the official version by the executive directors, that version take precedence.

National policies of the Club are determined by the Board of Directors. The board consists of 9 voting members the President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the 5 Regional Vice Presidents.

The National organization through the Regional Vice Presidents grants charters to chapters by geographic area.

The National Office is the headquarters of the Club and has an Executive Director and staff.

The Club has a monthly magazine called the Roundel.

Many activities and services are available to Club members. There are National Service Officers who offer their help and expertise to Club members.