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Boston BMW Car Club of America

Alpha Cars

Boston BMW CCA Chapter Officers and Staff

Boston Chapter Board
President   Simon Cooper   Email Simon
Vice President & Activities Director   John Sullivan   Email John
Secretary   Baer Connard   Email Baer
Treasurer   Jack Woods   Email Jack
Membership Chair   Rachel Baker   Email Rachel
Director   Dan Chadwick   Email Dan
Director   Larry Barbieri   Email Larry
Director   Michael Mangini   Email Michael
Director of Communications   John Oglesby   Email John
Boston Bimmer Magazine
Editor in Chief   Rachel Oglesby   Email Rachel
Advertising Manager   Jeff Lavery   Email Jeff
Columnist   Vic Lucariello   Email Vic
Columnist   John Oglesby   Email John
Columnist   Ross Schold   Email Ross
Columnist   Christo Tinkov   Email Christo
Photographer   Neil Halin   Email Neil
Photographer   Maggie O’Brien    
Photographer   Barry Tarr   Email Barry
Boston Chapter Staff
Co-Chair   Christo Tinkov   Email Christo
Co-Chair   Audra Tella   Email Audra
Autocross Registrar   Rachel Baker   Email Rachel
Autocross Timing   Scott Baston   Email Scott
High Performance Driving Schools  
Driving School Co-Chair   Simon Cooper   Email Simon
Co-Chief Instructors   Matt Malfa   Email Matt
Co-Chief Instructors   Barry Tarr   Email Barry
Instructor Registrar   Denis Friedman   Email Denis
Registrar   Larry Barbieri   Email Larry
Registrar   Peter Bergwall   Email Peter
Registrar   Simon Cooper   Email Simon
Registrar   Denis Friedman   Email Denis
Registrar   Rick Cooke   Email Rick
Registrar   Carl Scholz    
Instructor Development   Dan Chadwick   Email Dan
Tech Steward   Mike Barton   Email Mike
Tech Steward   Neil Halin   Email Neil
Tech Steward   Andy Thayer   Email Andy
Tech Steward   Caleb Johnson   Email Caleb
Advanced Driving Skills School  
Advanced Driving Skills School Chair   Will Howe   Email Will
BMW CCA Club Racing  
Club Race Chair   Bruce Smith   Email Bruce
Club Race Registrar   Martin Mahoney   Email Martin
Co-Chairs   Jack Meeker   Email Jack
Co-Chairs   Tom Rathje   Email Tom
Concours   John Sullivan   Email John
Concours   Roy Wicklund    
Concours   Michael Mangini   Email Michael
Registrar   Mitch Brown   Email Mitch
Head Judge   Duane Sword   Email Duane
Ice Racing  
Ice Racing Chair   The Jackson “Icemen”   Email Stan
Activities Committee  
Activities Chair   John Sullivan   Email John
Coordinators   Eduardo McIntosh   Email Eduardo
Coordinators   Marcy Venezia   Email Marcy
Coordinators   Michael Mangini   Email Michael
Coordinators   Susan Mangini    
Rhode Island  
RI Representative   Ben Ingegneri    
RI Representative   Andrew Plante   Email Andrew
RI Representative   Jeff Lavery   Email Jeff
Chapter Services  
Legal Advisor   Trish Farnsworth    
Merchandise   Position is open    
Technical Advisor   Chip Myers   Email Chip
Webmaster   Jim Dresser   Email Jim

In an effort to minimize the amount of SPAM that Chapter Officers are receiving, we are no longer publishing their email addresses.  Clicking the 'Email ....' link will open up a form which can be used to send email directly to that person.