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Boston BMW Car Club of America

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BMW Enthusiast's Companion by BMW CCA

BMW Enthusiast's Companion

For more than 25 years, informed BMW owners have relied upon the Roundel to make their "Ultimate Driving Machines" more ultimate. Now a selection of articles on driving, performance, service, and tech tips have been collected in a single book.

No matter what BMW you drive or desire, this book will serve as a valuable maintenance guide, performance handbook and technical reference source, to help you understand and care for your BMW. BMW owners and CCA members provide specific information for your BMW:

  • Valuable insights and technical information ranging from basic service tips to advanced driving theory
  • Inside secrets on maintaining and preserving your BMW, from properly washing and waxing your car, to how to reset the service indicator lights
  • Driving techniques ranging from basic car control to choosing apexes on the track
  • Discover whether your car oversteers or understeers, and how weight transfer affects traction and vehicle performance
  • Learn the difference between torque and horse-power, and how to select the right tires for your BMW
  • Find out which performance modifications work, which ones don't and why

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