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Boston BMW Car Club of America

BMW Peabody

Boston Chapter Ultimate Event

ADSS School at NHMS

Saturday, June 02, 2018  -  8am to 5pm
Boston Chapter Driving Event
ADSS School at NHMS
Saturday, Jun 02, 2018
8am to 5pm

New Hampshire Motor Speedway
1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307 USA

Event Registrar

Event Coordinator
Doug Brown

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Registration Opens SATURDAY, January 27th at Noon. REGISTER HERE!

The Boston Chapter is holding several Advanced Driving Skills Schools this year.

The Advanced Driving Skills School is designed to help you improve your driving skills and to learn about vehicle dynamics. The school's dual purpose is to prepare students for our High Performance Driving School and to teach skills useful in everyday driving situations.

The school is held in a large parking lot, using plastic pylons/cones, to provide a safe learning environment for these low to moderate speed maneuvers. The skid pad area is operated under a sprinkler system to practice the exercises at low speed and also to reduce tire wear.

To satisfy IRS rules we require that all applicants be current BMW CCA members. You don’t need to own a BMW to be part of the club and participate in our Driving Events! We offer a huge variety of events to our community all across the country, making club membership a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

If you are not a member you can apply at the link below and then return to this page and enter your new membership number. The BMW CCA website will provide your membership number immediately with your enrollment.

Here is the link ----->   https://myaccount.bmwcca.org/PortalTools/NewUser/EmailCheck.cfm

You need to be 18+ with a current driving license. Bring a car to drive but you will NOT need a helmet.  Lunch will be provided, usually in the form of pizza so if you have any special dietary needs please bring your lunch with you.

THEORY - The day begins with a "chalk talk", where our expert instructors explain about vehicle dynamics, the techniques students will be taught, and summarize the exercises for the day. Prior to the school, students should read the curriculum (courtesy of our friends in the White Mountain Chapter), for an in-depth understanding of what the school will cover.

BRAKING - The braking exercises allow students to learn braking with ABS, threshold braking, braking and turning, and both single and double emergency lane changes. These life saving accident avoidance maneuvers prepare students for numerous real-world situations.

SKID PAD - The practical exercises include spending part of the day on our skid pad and figure eight courses, learning about: understeer, oversteer, steering with the throttle, secondary effects, "the line", and power-slides. These basic building blocks are key to learning how to bring your car under control, when the unexpected happens.

COMBINED EXERCISE - At the end of the day the students get to put together all the skills that they have learned through numerous fun-filled runs through our Combined Exercise course. Students demonstrate braking while turning, inducing rotation, countering understeer and oversteer, and other techniques by navigating through this challenging course.
Attendence at a Boston Chapter Advanced Driving Skills School is strongly recommended for anyone who is attending their first Boston Chapter Driving School.

This is a driver education school and is not practice for any racing or speed contest.
First priority for enrollment will be given to those entered as novices in Boston Chapter Driving Schools. Other applicants will be accepted, on a space available basis.

DIRECTIONS FOR APPLICANTS: Register through Link above and to see pricing.

CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: In order to receive a refund of your entry fee, you must cancel ten days prior to the event AND we must find another driver to take your spot in the event. All cancellations will be charged a $15 processing fee regardless of when received.

CLASSROOM SESSION: All participants are required to attend the classroom session to learn about vehicle dynamics and advanced driving techniques. Failure to attend as required will result in loss of driving privileges.

APPROVED VEHICLES: Only vehicles suitable for aggressive maneuvers will be allowed. All registered street legal passenger cars are approved. Race-prepared vehicles will be permitted at the discretion of the event chairperson. Trucks, SUVs, or other tall or high center of gravity vehicles will be allowed at the discretion of the event chairperson.  Please contact the registrar if you have a question as to the suitability of your vehicle.

VEHICLE TECH INSPECTION: It is strongly recommended that all vehicles be safety inspected by a qualified individual/mechanic prior to the event. This inspection should occur within three weeks prior to the event. Each entrant/driver is solely responsible for insuring that his/her vehicle is safe prior to arriving at the event. Failure of any vehicle to pass an on-site safety check will disqualify its driver(s) from participation in the event and your entry fee will be forfeited.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: All participants must present a valid driver's license and be at least 18 years of age. Seat belts are mandatory and must be securely anchored to the floor and/or stock mountings. Please keep in mind that this is not a racing school but rather a safe, advanced driving skills school, conducted on a paved driving surface under close supervision by experienced instructors. You will learn how to handle and control your vehicle in aggressive maneuvers at low to moderate speeds.
This school will help to prepare you for emergencies in normal driving. It will also allow you to explore your capabilities as a driver and those of your vehicle.