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Boston Chapter Ultimate Event

VR Motion Simulator Racing Experience

Saturday, November 04, 2017  -  Noon - 3PM
Boston Chapter Driving Event
VR Motion Simulator Racing Experience
Saturday, Nov 04, 2017
Noon - 3PM

VR Motion Labs
385 Court Street, Suite 303 Plymouth MA 02360

Event Registrar
Niket Anjaria - See website

Event Coordinator

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This event is sponsored by one of our members Niket Anjaria and is an exciting free opportunity to see this kind of new tech up close.

Virtual Reality (VR) has changed the face of race simulation by putting you into a high performance race car in a 3D environment that realistically reacts to your head movement. When we add a motion platform driven by the simulation telemetry that is properly tuned to the VR headset graphics, the level of immersion or presence is very real.

You are there, at the track, in the car and in the race. You’ll feel the car. You’ll feel the steering. The car and tire physics are spot on. The tracks are laser scanned so you’ll feel the surface imperfections. If you lose traction, you’ll feel the backend break loose.

VR Motion Labs, based in Plymouth MA, designs and builds high performance VR Racing Motion Simulators with 3DOF (pitch, roll, traction loss) movement. The team has a deep level of experience in motorsports, spanning from decades of motocross racing all the way to currently running a Z4M Coupé in regional HPDEs.

We are inviting the club to test drive our most recent prototype that provides a fully immersive driving experience with:

1. A VR headset that allows you to look around the cockpit, around corners, and even in the functional rear/side view mirrors!Motion actuated seat that simulates three degrees of motion, including traction loss.

2.. A rich selection of cars that will be setup to run on WGI and LRP, using simulation software that members are already familiar with.

We are limiting the attendee count to 20 for this event so that everyone has a reasonable amount of time in the simulator .

If the club shows a high level of interest, we can certainly schedule more events this winter so that everyone has an opportunity to spend some time in our simulator.

Pizza and drinks will be provided!