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Boston BMW Car Club of America

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Boston Bimmer Rate Card & Advertising Guidelines

Rates effective May 1, 2012

Boston Bimmer is the official publication of the Boston Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America. Published continuously since 1970, Boston Bimmer currently circulates to more than 3500 Boston Chapter members.

  • Editor: Email the Bimmer Editor.
  • Publisher: Boston Chapter BMW CCA.
  • Issued: Seven issues annually.Delivery by mail on or about the first day of the month of issue.

General Advertising Rates

Rates are found in the following table. Discounts are given for multiple issues.

Black and White Rates
Ad Size 7 Issues
Full Page $1800
2/3 Page $1450
1/2 Page $1280
1/3 Page $900
1/4 Page $810
1/6 Page $450
1/12 Page (business card) $360

Color Ad Rates Rates
Ad Size 1 Issue
Full Page $600
2/3 Page $600
1/2 Page $500
1/3 Page $500
1/4 Page $400
1/6 Page $350
1/12 Page (business card) $300

Special Placements: Special placements are sold for a premium. They require prior approval and are subject to availability. Special placements include: inside front cover, inside back cover, back cover, table of contents page and 2-page spread pages.

Terms, Conditions and Services:
Boston Bimmer rates are subject to change.
To reserve advertising space, please contact the Boston Bimmer Advertising Manager, or by mail at P.O. Box 3087, Peabody, MA 01961.

Guidelines & specifications for your ad:
PLATFORM: PC format required
FILE FORMATS: We will work with the files you send us, but we prefer InDesign or PDF. We will also accept EPS or TIFF.
Not Acceptable: JPEG, DOC, PUB (except with prior approval)
NOTE: If converting from MAC to PC, it’s best to save your ad as a TIFF.
GRAPHICS & IMAGES: Resolutions should be 300 DPI for reproduction of 100%. Resolution can be higher than 300 DPI, but not lower.
Black and white graphics or images must be saved as GRAYSCALE or TIFF files.
Color images must be saved in CMYK mode. NO RGB or ANY COLOR MEDIA, please.
FONTS: Download fonts to file; convert fonts to “paths” or “curves”; or embed all fonts to file.
MEDIA: Artwork should be e-mailed to the editor of the Boston Bimmer AND the Ad Manager.
SIZES: All ads must be submitted in one of the approved ad sizes, a PDF with sizes and specifications is available by request from the advertising manager.
Ads submitted in unique sizes will be returned to you for reformatting.
If your ad is slightly larger or smaller than the specified sizes, your art may be adjusted to accommodate
the Boston Bimmer Layout. If it can not be adjusted, it will be returned to you for re-sizing.
ROUNDEL USE: Only BMW dealers and authorized parts distributors are allowed to use the BMW Roundel in their ad.
BLEEDS: Bleeds are only allowed with pre-approval from the Editor.
The Boston Bimmer only allows bleeds on full page and special placement ads

Questions: If you have questions about the sizing, layout or format of your ad, please contact the editor.