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Boston BMW Car Club of America

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Boston Bimmer Facts

April 2002 Boston Bimmer

February 1999 BIMMER

January 2000 BIMMER

Boston Bimmer is the official publication of the Boston Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America. Published continuously since 1970, Boston Bimmer currently circulates to over 3000 BMW CCA members in Eastern Massachusetts and all of Rhode Island. The publication is printed seven times a year and mailed to members in good standing at the time of publication.

Copyright and legal issues

The Boston Chapter and its individual contributors retain the copyright for all information, articles and photos included in the publication in both the print and electronic versions. Reproduction or other use of the materials in this publication is not permitted without the written approval of the Boston Chapter of the BMW CCA. Unless otherwise stated, maintenance and modification procedures in the magazine are not “Factory Authorized” and their use may void your BMW warranty. Ideas and opinions are those of the writers, and no authentication or approval is implied by the editor or the Board, who assume no liability for information contained herein.

The History of the Publication's Name & Identity

Over the years the name and masthead on the Boston Chapter newsletter have changed, but it has always been Bimmer related.

  • The all uppercase BIMMER style was instituted by Editor Armand Aquino in 1997. Under Armand's direction, a new look and a new logo were created, and continued when Greg Scott served as Editor after Armand's retirement.
  • In March 2000, a new Editor, Justin Hughes, changed the name to Boston Bimmer, which continued when Arturo Gossage became Editor in September of 2001.
  • In April 2002, Suzin Koehler became Editor. Suzin kept the Boston Bimmer name, but changed the logo and the masthead of the newsletter.
  • Mitchell Brown became editor of the magazine in June of 2006 and kept the Boston Bimmer name, but changed the masthead of the publication.
  • Todd Merrill served as editor for 2 issues starting in January of 2007, and Like Brown, he kept the name, but changed the masthead of the newsletter.
  • When Rachel Oglesby became Editor in May of 2007, she continued using the logo designed by Koehler and the name Boston Bimmer. However, Oglesby changed the typeface in the masthead to “Impact.”
  • At the beginning of 2012, Oglesby changed the publication’s Masthead and logo following a BMW Corporate mandate that required BMW CCA Chapters to adopt new logo standards. The Boston Bimmer currently uses a masthead that incorporates design elements from the BMW approved Chapter logo, but the magazine maintains its own distinct identity. Both the Chapter logo and the Boston Bimmer masthead use “Impact” typeface.