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Boston BMW Car Club of America

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Boston Chapter Editorial Policy

This editorial policy is intended to guide the Boston Chapter Webmaster and as a reference to Boston Chapter members. This policy has not been approved by the Board Members of the Boston Chapter BMW CCA.


The Webmaster is responsible for the content of the Boston Chapter BMW CCA World Wide Web Site (the "Web Site").

The Boston Chapter Webmaster (the "Webmaster") is assisted by several of the other chapter staff members. The Webmaster is appointed by the Chapter President. The Webmaster may appoint members who agree to serve as one of the Site Staff. The Webmaster reserves the right to make changes to any material before and after the material is posted on the Web Site.

The Boston Chapter Webmaster may make small changes in this policy from time to time. Any major changes will be submitted to the Boston Chapter Board for approval.


The content of the Web Site includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Boston Bimmer Online: the web version of the Boston Chapter newsletter
  • Event Information: results, directions, The Ultimate Calendar
  • Chapter Services Areas: Library, Classifieds, Policies
  • Reference Information: Officers, Friends, Guidelines, Policies, Operations


The high quality content is what makes the Boston Bimmer and the Web Site fun to read. The Web Site allows for a vast amount of material. This content must be kept updated and pertinent.

The Web Site should be updated once a month at the minimum. Small updates once a week to update event information is expected.

Boston Bimmer Online

The Web Site publishes an online version of the Boston Bimmer, the Newsletter of the Boston Chapter. The Boston Bimmer is the primary content of the Web Site. Space in the Boston Bimmer is limited, so the online Boston Bimmer may contain more stories, pictures, and event results than the Boston Bimmer can carry. Each Boston Bimmer issue's content is organized together, magazine style, on the Web Site.

The information in the Boston Bimmer is published on the Web Site at about the same time that the Boston Bimmer arrives in Boston Chapter member mailboxes.

  • Submissions
    The membership is encouraged to submit original photos and stories for publication. These stories and photos may be shared with the Boston Bimmer. The Webmaster reserves the right to refuse any items whose subject is inappropriate to the Web Site's audience.

  • Subject Matter
    Web Site subject matter is concentrated on BMW automobile related subjects, but content that is automotive or motorsports related is also acceptable. Other content may be included at the discretion of the Webmaster.

  • Copyright
    All submissions of words and pictures become copyrighted by the Boston Chapter BMW CCA Inc. upon publication in the Boston Bimmer or on the Web Site.

  • Returning Media
    Any pictures or documents sent to the Webmaster or Boston Bimmer Editor in Chief will not be returned unless the material comes with a postage paid return envelope.

Event Information

One of the most important features of the Web Site is the online calendar and event listing. This reference information must be kept up to date.

Event results are published on the Web Site as soon as possible after receipt from the event coordinators. This information is often published in the next issue of the Boston Bimmer. Publication on the Web Site allows the membership to see these results much sooner.

Reference Information

The Web Site maintains several items of reference material to serve the Boston Chapter membership. This reference information must be accurate and must include a publication date.


The Web Site does not print letters from the members. Letters should be addressed to the Editor of the Roundel for the enjoyment of the entire BMW CCA. Letters can also be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Bimmer at Boston Bimmer Editor.

Election Rules

The Web Site follows the Boston Bimmer's election rules and policies.


The Web Site does not accept advertising. This was mostly recently decided at the 1998 Fourth Quarter Board Meeting.

Boston Bimmer advertising guidelines are printed occasionally in the Boston Bimmer and are always available on the chapter Web Site.

Classified Ads

The classified ads policy for the Web Site follows the Boston Bimmer Classified Ads Policy.

Classified ads are created by our online classified ads system. When you submit your ad, email is sent to the Classified Ads Editor. The editor reviews your ad and if it is approved it appears on the web site immediately. A snapshot of the current clasisifed ads also appears in the Boston Bimmer.

Back issues of the Boston Bimmer are available on the Web Site, but only the current classified ads are available on the Web Site.