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Boston BMW Car Club of America

HMS Motorsport

IceCross Overview

Boston Chapter Driving Event
Up to 5 Events on Sundays
(Occasionally on Saturdays)

Specific dates
will be announced via the
Boston IceCross Bulletin

Event Registration
Event Details and Registration
info is on the Ultimate Calendar

Newfound Lake, NH

Event Coordinator
Stan Jackson Jr.
(603) 744-5035


When you Pre-Register for this event, you will automatically be subscribed to the IceCross Bulletin. All event details are emailed to you, using the IceCross Bulletin.

IceCross events are designed to be safe, low-pressure events in which all participants have fun! The primary goal of IceCross events is to develop drivers who can successfully control their vehicles in adverse driving conditions with consistency.

Consistency requires that winter driving techniques become natural reactions, which carry over in safer driving on icy, wet, and even dry roads. These natural reactions develop through using the least amount of input for the desired response and doing it smoothly, becoming aware of the car's individual qualities and handling, and by spending time on the ice practicing car control. As we are striving for consistency, we average scores when it is reasonable to do so.

Quick Overview

Please review all of the Boston Chapter Iceracing webpages prior to submitting an inquiry to the IceCross Staff. Links to all IceCross details are located below. Most IceCross inquiries, including those concerning Pre-Registration, Registration, Car Classification, Timing, Scoring, and Trophies should be directed to the IceCross Coordinator, Stan Jackson Jr.

You must Pre-Register using our online registration system to run in any Boston Chapter IceCross . Pre-Registration does not obligate you to attend an IceCross . Payment is accepted during Registration at each event.

We plan for five IceCross events each season. Events are generally held on Sundays; however, we may occasionally schedule a Saturday event. In 2014, IceCross events will be held during the period January 18th through March 30th, inclusive, which provides eleven possible weekends. The specific dates will be determined based on ice and weather conditions, as well as on the date of the first event.

The first IceCross each year is The Stan "Iceman" Jackson / Peter Weber Memorial IceCross.

The status of each tentatively scheduled event is announced on the IceCross Bulletin. The final decision each weekend will be posted by 12:00 noon or shortly thereafter on the day prior to the event.

A 318ti on the course.

IceCross Bulletin

The IceCross Bulletin is distributed via e-mail to everyone who Pre-Registers for the event, to everyone who signs up for the IceCross Bulletin in their My Boston Chapter account, and is also posted on the Boston Chapter website. It is sent out periodically during the weeks when events are scheduled, generally on Wednesday evenings and by early afternoon on Saturdays. The latest IceCross Bulletin is your best source for event status. Additional details such as event updates, ice conditions, and weather conditions are distributed via the IceCross Bulletin as well.

When you Pre-Register for this event, you will automatically be subscribed to the IceCross Bulletin. Any event updates or changes will be emailed to you, via the IceCross Bulletin. For more details please check out the Boston Chapter Bulletin Information.

The IceCross Committee and Staff

The following individuals make up the IceCross Committee and Staff of the Boston Chapter BMW CCA. Should you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to speak with any of us.

Most questions should go to the IceCross Coordinator, Stan Jackson Jr.

IceCross Oversight Committee
IceCross Chairman The Jackson "Icemen" (603) 744-8559
IceCross Coordinator Stan Jackson Jr. (603) 744-5035
IceCross Chief of Timing Steve Jackson  
IceCross Chief Instructor Sarah Jackson  
IceCross Staff
IceCross Registrar Seth Willey  
IceCross Chief of Course Operations Andrew Hobgood  
IceCross Operations Support
Nikolay Nemchuck
IceCross Operations Support Alexander Merkuryev

IceCross Operations Support Vittorio Bares

IceCross Photographer Allison Feldhusen  
IceCross Assistants
Steven Bernstein
Karl Braconier
Mark Gallagher
Chang Ho Kim
Mitch Lewis
Richard Pfeiff
Chris Regan

Steve Bernstein in his E28.
IceCross Instructors
Sarah Jackson, Chief Instructor
Vittorio Bares
Steven Bernstein
Ray Blethen
Stephen Blethen
Andrew Hobgood
Stan Jackson Jr.
Steve Jackson
Chang Ho Kim
Alexander Merkuryev
Nikolay Nemchuck
Tom Tate
Seth Willey

The Oversight Committee reserves the right to modify the IceCross Rules as appropriate to ensure the safety and security of all participants and observers, and in fairness to overall competition. We are open to your suggestions for improving our events.

Good luck and see you on the Ice!