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Autocross Day of Event Information

2018 Autocross Series

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Event Registrar
Autocross Registrar

Event Coordinator
AutoX Event Coordinator

Please be sure to read and understand all of the following information prior to attending autocross events.

We will be carefully checking BMW CCA membership cards and valid drivers' licenses at the gate. Please remember to bring your BMW CCA membership card to every event.

Waiver Of Liability Form

When you arrive at the gate, your name will be checked against the registration list for the event. If you are a registered driver or a registered guest, then you and everyone in your car will be allowed to proceed.

All participants, guests, and spectators 16 or older must sign the waiver of liability form. Everyone under 16 must have a parent or guardian sign a release form at the site. The forms are signed when you enter the gate at the autocross site.

Daily Schedule

Gates open at 7:00 AM. Please be at the base by 7:30 AM at the latest or you will be running the risk of missing on the course walk and the drivers' meeting.  You must attend the Drivers' Meeting in order to drive.

Have your valid membership card and driver’s license ready at the gate. DO NOT FORGET THEM. You’ll sign a waiver form, then come into the site and park along the side runways, off the main tarmac. Do not pull too far down the runway to pit - by 7am, there will be a coned line. You WILL be asked to move if you try to pit beyond the coned line!!!

Worker Assignments will be emailed the day before the event.

Please remember that we have TWO running sessions, and TWO working sessions. Be prepared to do quick work/run swaps, as it easily can add hours to the day. Worker Bosses will be yelling to get moving if things are moving slow.

Get your car ready. Take out everything and put your numbers on the car. If you haven’t had an annual tech inspection yet, make sure you have your completed IMF to verify your car’s class. So grab your helmet (Snell 2010 or newer - all others will be confiscated for the day - we DO have limited loaner helmets) and pull your car out into one of two tech inspection lines that will be forming, where it will be tech inspected.

Toward the end of the driver’s meeting, we’ll have a cone school for EVERYBODY. The course will be open for walking and you can only walk it AFTER you have checked in with your Run Group Worker Boss. Walk the course once or "jog" twice, then get ready to either work, or run. Bicycles and non-motorized scooters are allowed for "walking". We’ll start runs around 9am, which means you must be off the course by 8:45 am. We want to say this here so there's no misunderstanding: while working on the course, there is no cell phone use, sitting, taking pictures or chatting in groups. If we see you do that, you will only get ONE reminder for the day and it will be a very stern one. Safety first and we mean it.

After the driver’s meeting, we’ll break out into the TWO RUN GROUPS (RG1 and RG2) where your worker boss will finalize your worker assignment for the day. You need to work twice, and also have two driving sessions.

When it is your turn to swap between working and running, please do your best to make the swap QUICKLY! Don't make everyone wait for you. Please don't ruin other people's runs for the day because of work/run swaps that are taking too long.

NOVICES: We have incredible instructors. You will be REQUIRED to use them!! Please turn your car's flashers as soon as you get in line for your run. Also, most drivers will be happy to allow you to passenger with them, to help you out. Just ask for a ride and be ready with your helmet. No backseat passengers allowed, and novices are not allowed to have non-instructor passengers.

Typical Autocross Schedule
Gate Opens 7:00 am

Tech Inspection 7:00 am to 8:00 am
Driver's Meeting 8:00 am
Course Walk between 7:30 and 8:50 am
First Car Off 9:00 am

Visitor Policy

Visitors must pre-register. If you are planning on attending an autocross event, please drop an email to Autocross Registrar, and ask to be placed on the guest list.

Spectators must not ever cross an active autocross course, and must stand well off of the runways. Please be very attentive to cars that are running. If you are unsure where you can safely spectate from, please ask at the timing tent.

Car passengers are permitted on the course as long as they are 16 or older and are wearing an approved helmet. All course workers must be 16 or older as well.

Tech Inspections

Your car must be in good condition and it must pass the on-site technical inspection to participate in the event. Vehicles are allowed to run at the sole discretion of the Autocross Chair. Please stay with your car until the Tech Inspection is complete.

Continued: A tech inspection good for the whole season is now available. This season long inspection is attractive to many drivers but is voluntary. BMW drivers competing for season points must submit a completed IMF (Inspection and Modification Form) to qualify. Non-BMW drivers and casual drivers may also get a Tech Inspection sticker by completing an IMF. Random tech inspections will be performed for cars with the Tech Inspection sticker.

A year 2010 or newer Snell-approved helmet is required for the Boston Chapter Autocross Series. Both Snell SA (special applications) and Snell MA (motorcycle) ratings are accepted. Loaner helmets may be available, so feel free to come if you don't have your own helmet. If borrowing a helmet, please only use it for your run, as the number and sizes of loaner helmets are limited.

The single most common reason for failing Tech Inspection is loose objects inside the car. Cell phone in the door pocket? Jack stand loose in the trunk? Glove compartment not empty? Please clean these out in advance.

Sound Levels

The determination of whether a car is excessively loud is at the discretion of the Autocross Chair and Tech Chief. If your car is deemed over the limit, you will be asked to muffle the sounds in order to reduce its level or leave the event. Clamping on a short downpipe works wonders to reduce the noise of loud cars. We will be using a sound meter at multiple locations each event and each run group.

To help ensure that your vehicle and helmet fully comply with the Club's technical requirements, please review the following Technical Inspection Checklist:


  • Each driver must wear a helmet. The helmet must be rated Snell M2010 (or later) or Snell SA2010 (or newer).
  • Non-compliant helmets will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.
  • We only have 9 loaner helmets, so it is best to bring your own.

Engine Compartment

  • Motor mounts solid.
  • Battery securely mounted.
  • No cracked hoses, belts tight.
  • No oil, gas, antifreeze, hydraulic, or other fluid leaks.
  • Throttle must be free with no binding.
  • Brake fluid reservoir must be full, no dirty brake fluid

Wheels and Suspension

  • Tires must have adequate tread; no cracks, blisters, or cords showing.
  • Lug nuts must be torqued to spec.
  • Hubcaps must be removed.
  • Wheel bearings must not show excessive play and must be properly adjusted.


  • Solid brake pedal feel with no bleed down.
  • Seat belts must not frayed or cut.
  • All loose items removed from interior, storage compartments, glove box, and trunk.

Driver's Meeting

Safety topics and special announcements are covered in this meeting, so don't be late. The Driver's Meeting is also where you learn your run group and worker assignments.

All participants must attend the Driver’s Meeting. Failure to do so will result in not running for the day. Please do NOT be late.

Run Groups

Each event's participants are assigned to one of two or three run groups based on the car's class and number of participants in each class.

Cars are classified when you register for the event. Each run group is made up of the participants from a number of classes. For example, a run group may consist of classes A, B, and C.

After the Driver's Meeting, the first run group lines up in the staging area. The second run group works while the first run group drives.

Drivers receive their work assignments immediately after the Driver's Meeting. You may work as the starter, gate, control, timing, noise control, or at one of the flag stations.

After everyone in the first group has completed three or four runs, the second run group stages (lines up) to drive. The first run group reports to the timing and scoring booth for their work assignments.

Work Policy

All autocross registrants are required to work their assigned position. You will be required to work twice in one day.

Please report to the timing and scoring booth promptly when it is your turn to work, and report to your worker boss. Please try to report about 5 minutes early, so that we can minimize downtime between worker changes.

If you need to leave the event early, please notify the Autocross Registrar at least 5 days before the event so that we can try to give you a morning work assignment.

Persons who do not report for their work assignment on time, or don't report at all, will be disqualified from the event.

Habitual offenders will be disqualified from the entire autocross series.

Prepare For The Weather

You need to come prepared to brave the elements. Bring rain gear and warm clothing if weather warrants it. Also, there is no running water at the site.