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Autocross Overview

2018 Autocross Series

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Have you ever wondered what you and your car are really capable of? Here’s your chance to find out in a safe, fun environment, with fellow enthusiasts.

Welcome to the home page for the 2018 Boston Chapter Autocross Series!

The Autocross Series is open to Boston Chapter BMW CCA members. If you are not a member of the Boston Chapter BMW CCA, you may join for only $48 per year. If you are a BMW CCA member, you may add the Boston Chapter to your current membership.

Please read these instructions carefully, even if you are a Boston Chapter Autocross veteran.

Because using your car in this controlled environment can introduce risks, we must make sure it remains a safe series. Drivers who do not show up for events or who don't follow the rules may be banned from the Autocross Series.

Summary of 2018 Rules

 IMF (Inspection and Modification Form).

We've received some inquires regarding removal of rear seats, and the installation of roll cages in BMWs and MINIs, and the associated points and car classification. For those points, our determination for the season is as follows:

  - Participants CAN remove the seat bottom for the purposes of installing aftermarket harnesses with no penalty points.
  - Participants CAN have a rollcage installed with no penalty points
  - Participants WILL BE PENALIZED 5 points for removal of the upright portions of the seat, or the seat bottom, not for the purposes of installing aftermarket harnesses.

As we have done for many years, we will continue to move cars to AR, if interior panels, sound deadening, carpets, etc. are removed from the car.

Sound level measurements will be taken at each event. If your car is not in compliance, you will be asked to muffle the sound or leave the event.

We will break for a half-hour lunch at each event. You will have the opportunity to order a $8 sub and a $1 soda or water the morning of the event. These will be delivered to our site around noon. Note that even though we break for lunch, participants are not allowed to leave the site, as it takes too long to get back and you may miss your worker assignment.

We will again be posting live results from the runs on the Internet so you can check these close to real time on your smartphones. Note that smartphones and cameras are not allowed while working on the course.

Event Format

We are continuing to strive to have a new course every event. Drivers' meeting will be between 7:30 and 8:00 AM and the time can vary depending on whether we are going to walk the course first or have the meeting first. Get to the event no later than 7:30 AM. If you miss the Drivers' meeting, you will not be allowed to run for the day.

We will be running two run groups, where one works, while the other runs. You will run or work, then swap, then we will break for a half-hour lunch break, then repeat the morning schedule (run and work). 

Vehicle Classifications

BMW Class AR will be unlimited in 2018. The Event chairs reserve the right to move a car from class AR car to class M if the car is modified to an unreasonable level. NO car in the A-F classes will be allowed to have a stripped interior. All side panels, windows, seats (rear bottom seat pads optional if interferes with seatbelts/harnesses) must exist, or you will be considered an AR car.

BMW cars are allowed to run in SCCA (non-BMW) classes with the correct SCCA PAX for their level of modifications.

If in doubt, please contact the Event chairs for further clarification.

Registration - New for 2018

Registrations are now performed on Motorsportreg.com. Simply create a free account and add Boston BMW CCA Autocross to your membership. You must register for each event separately. Payments are processed upon close of registration. If you cancel AFTER the close of registration, or you do not show up, no refund or credit will be given.

The charge for each regular season Autocross event will be $50 in 2018. 

Each participant in any of the Chapter's Autocross events MUST be a member of the BMW CCA. If you are not a member, and wish to join, you can join online at the BMW CCA website.

If a driver cannot make an event and contacts the registrar at least five days in advance, they will not be Red Listed. After a second time on the Red List, the driver will be not allowed to register for a Boston Chapter Autocross event for four (4) events, including going into the following year's season.

The message should be clear: only register if you're absolutely positive you'll be there. For more information, please see Eligibility and Registration section.

Inspection and Modification Form (IMF)

The IMF clarifies the penalty points to assess in order to determine your vehicle class. Download the IMF

Tech Changes

We will only allow participants to use 2010 or newer Snell-approved helmet. Both Snell SA (special applications) and Snell MA (motorcycle) ratings are accepted. Loaner helmets are limited, but available, so feel free to come if you don't have your own helmet. Only use the helmet during your run, as others may want to use these same helmets. Helmets found that pre-date our requirements will be confiscated for the event, and returned at the end of the day.


All competitors will need to pass a Tech Inspection. However, every driver will have a choice: New or casual competitors in either BMWs or other makes will be able to tech as usual. The morning of EACH event get into the Tech line and have your car teched. Or, for more serious competitors there is a process which will lead to an Annual Tech sticker:

If a BMW driver wishes to qualify for the season's championship within their respective classes, they will need to complete and turn in an Inspection and Modifications Form (IMF). The IMF will need to be completed and brought to the first event. The IMF includes a full disclosure of modifications, a calculation of points, and intended autocross class. Download the IMF

Autocross staff will give the car a tech inspection, successful completion of which will result in a 2018 Annual Tech Sticker. After you get your Annual Tech Sticker, no further tech inspection will be needed for the season, if no further modifications are made to the vehicle. The only exception will be cars running R-compound tires which will require a wheel bearing check each event.

Non-BMW drivers must also have their cars teched once and receive an Annual Tech Inspection sticker. No IMF form is required for non-BMWs.

Meanwhile, if you're a casual autocrosser, perhaps a first timer who just wants to come out and have a bit of fun and try the sport, simply find your model and year on the Model Grid, fill in the IMF, register and show up. We'll perform a safety inspection and you'll be ready to go.

Click here to get the Model Grid.


The 2018 schedule includes eight timed regular season events, two Novice Schools, an Advanced Test and Tune, and a two-day Evolution Autocross School (in cooperation with SCCA).

You will have to get points in at least 4 regular season events to qualify for a trophy.

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