2016 Cars and Coffee #3

The Boston Chapter held their first ever Cars and Coffee at the new Starbucks in Waltham (at the old Polaroid site) off Route 128. As with any first time organizing an event, we had no idea what to expect for demand. Thankfully the leadership of the Boston Chapter put their full resources behind promoting the event and Mother Nature provided beautiful weather to bring over 40 cars! Even some former BMW owners who heard of the event brought their current cars just to hang out and talk cars.

Our infamous favorite car guy Rob Siegel graciously arrived early and made time for everyone to poke his brain on 2002’s, life, and 60 lb car batteries. Thankfully we found a large quiet section of the parking lot with almost no thru traffic so attendees and their families could attend in a safe environment.

I want to give a special thanks Simon Cooper and John Sullivan who immediately pulled resources together to promote and help me organize the event. Also thanks to Michael Mangini for working the Facebook updates to get the word out.

With the success of this first event, the Chapter anticipates holding future Cars and Coffee events at this location in 2017. Likely we will wait after the snow thaws away and we pull our cars out of winter storage. We will update the Chapter website and Facebook page for dates as we get closer.


About the author

Howard Miller has been a BMW CCA member since 2012 when he was first introduced to “German Engineering” at his European Delivery that Fall. He has been active participant in the Autocross and HPDE events. He lives with his wife Kamei and son Ben in Waltham, MA.


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